An urban cowboy rides through gang-ridden streets, preaching a gospel of redemption

Dane Christensen, Aria Swarr # Lifestyles

Tony Monroe spends five days a week riding his horse Grace through the most dangerous streets of Fresno, California.

His peculiar pursuit began with a vision he had of himself riding a dark horse through a gang-controlled neighbourhood, which he took as a divine message.

Twenty-five years later, Monroe is an odd yet familiar presence in Fresno, riding and preaching a Christian gospel of encouragement and God’s love to those who are struggling.

While it’s unclear how his message lands with the community, his horse seems to provide a welcome change of pace for people in troubled neighbourhoods.

But with ageing, Monroe has begun to wonder if anyone will continue his life’s work when he’s too old to saddle up and ride.

Director: Dane Christensen, Aria Swarr