100+ Tennessee dogs pulled from 'filth and darkness'

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RHEA COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Rhea County Animal Shelter announced its Animal Control Officers were removing more than 100 Yorkies, Chihuahuas and other 'designer' breed small dogs from what it called the worst puppy mill situation its officers had ever seen. A video posted to the shelter's Facebook page showed small dogs living in filth and covered with mats. In a Facebook post, the shelter wrote,

"These poor animals have known nothing but living in their own filth and darkness. These conditions are extreme and medical attention is needed for ALL of these animals. As of right now we cannot release any personal details of this case."
The shelter also asked rescues for help placing the animals. Crews set up emergency kennels but needed volunteers to help with processing. A post read,
"We are absolutely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support for us and these puppies right now. We are going to need as much help as possible. If you can help us, please come up to the shelter at 6 pm this evening, 9118 Back Valley Rd., Evensville, TN 37332. It’s an all hands on deck situation. We will post as often as we can with updates. Thank you so much for caring about these babies. We really do have the best animal caring community here in Rhea County. ♥️"
The shelter asked for donations to help with the case. Officials estimated thousands of dollars in medical expenses to care for the animals.
"If you can please donate to help with this case we are looking at thousands of dollars in medical expenses to help this poor deprived animals! PLEASE CALL OR MESSAGE US IF YOU CAN HELP IN ANY WAY THESE ANIMALS NEED YOU!! 423-775-2029."