5 East Tennessee spots to look for in 'The Last Movie Star' movie

Chynna Greene # State

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) "The Last Movie Star" premieres Thursday evening at the Tennessee Theatre, and it was filmed in locations all across Knoxville.

If you can't catch the red carpet affair and was displeased to find the movie — formerly known as "Dog Years" — is not playing anywhere in Knoxville yet, don't worry; it's available on-demand on DIRECTV. The movie will premiere in Knoxville theaters April 13. Here are five local spots to look for in the movie:

1. Market Square/Oliver Royale

Film crews expanded the patio for a scene with Burt Reynolds and Chevy Chase, playing Vic Edwards and Sonny, in June 2016.

2. Peyton Manning Pass/Neyland Stadium

According to the official trailer, this is the part of the movie where Vic Edwards goes on a memory tour. Ariel Winter comes along for the ride as Lil McDougal.

3. Fort Sanders/17th and Clinch

A few spectators caught what looked like a traffic accident with Reynolds, but of course he was just filming for the movie.

4. McGhee Tyson Airport

Who would have thought our little airport could pass for LAX in Los Angeles or BNA in Nashville?

5. LiterBoard

Back when it still was known as the Longbranch Saloon, the Cumberland Avenue bar turned into "McDougal's Pub" in Nashville for the movie, where Vic Edwards is heading to accept a lifetime achievement award.

Some other places to look for in the movie include Cherokee Country Club, Food City, Gay Street, the Tennessee Theatre and Manorhouse, an assisted living facility over off Northshore.