TDEC: Barrels leaking pollutants in Rocky Top

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A Jacksboro man must fix several violations of the Tennessee Water Quality Control Act where an "unknown pollutant" is running into a Coal Creek tributary.

According to an official notice from the state, Dr. Larry Watters of An Every Need Met Church Ministry was cited by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Water Resources after complaints were filed regarding a discharge of an unknown pollutant leaking from thousands of barrels into an unnamed tributary of Coal Creek.

Several other agencies were on site at 239 Longfield Church Road in Rocky Top during the complaint investigation, including Anderson County EMA, Anderson County Codes Enforcement, Anderson County Sheriff’s Department, Anderson County HAZMAT, and the Division of Solid Waste Management.

Watters's violations include, improper storage of an unknown blue liquid which entered waters of the state, operating a recycling center without coverage under the Tennessee Multi-sector Permit, failure to properly treat industrial storm water discharge from recycling operation, and failure to install necessary erosion and sediment control measures which resulted in sediment entering waters of the state.

Watters is required to attend a compliance review meeting with division personnel on November 14, where Watters will outline a strategy to meet the corrective demands made by the state.