Big Brothers Big Sisters : Raising money on game day

Amanda Ferguson # State

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee is partnering with UT to raise money to support their organization.

Dakota McMillian is a little brother in the organization. He has a big brother who is making a difference in his life.

"He just does a lot for me,"
said Dakota McMillian, who is a member of Big Brother Big Sisters.
"We've went out, go to main event, been to different places."

On game days, while his big brother is working for the Vol Network, Dakota has a special job of his own. He's helping Big Brothers Big Sisters reach out to the community.

"We're going out here and selling programs to support Big Brothers Big Sisters and raise money for the organization,"
said McMillian.

Tyler Boldin with Big Brothers Big Sisters said it costs $1,000 a year to create and keep a pair like Dakota and his big brother together. The program profits will help pay for more matches.

"It gives fans an experience and they get to take part of the game home with them, and it gives us a little bit of income because we receive proceeds from each program sold,"
said Tyler Boldin, who works for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

"To be aligned with a legacy like UT athletics is just huge in our book,"
said Boldin.

"It's just really fun knowing that one day I could hopefully go to college here,"
said McMillian.

The organization will be selling programs outside of gate 10 for the rest of football season.