Blount County cancer survivor opens market to give her life

Chynna Greene # State

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) If you have driven through Blount County, chances are you have seen the old red truck parked outside the market on Montvale Rd. The white store is called the Market Corner Store.

"It's set up like a living room, so when you come in you feel like you're in someone's home,"
said Maryville local Teresa Tate.

People from the area Told Local 8 News that the market is the corner where people gather.

"It's owned by people that are local, so they know the community, they know the culture of Maryville, so they're able to cater to that,"
said Tate.

"I'd be able to every single day bring a piece of Blount County, Knox County and all our East Tennessee roots to the community."
said Michelle Bishop, owner of Maryville Corner Market.

Most of what Bishop has in her market is grown in East Tennessee.

"Ultimately if you're not changing your lifestyle and you're temporarily looking for a fix, that's not going to change your health, it's a long term journey. i'm in that journey, i'm in the journey with the community,"
said Bishop.

The journey for Bishop and having to eat clean didn't start as a choice.

"I'm a two year cancer survivor,"
said Bishop.

She told Local 8 News, selling homegrown clean food feeds her soul.

"Every time someone walks into my place and we're able to have a relationship and we're part of the family or a solution it truly feeds me down to my soul,"
Bishop said.