Burger shop brings new life to Knoxville Center Mall

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Something tasty has been drawing new customers through the doors of Knoxville Central mall -- Burgers.

Since becoming the owner of The Burger Stop in Knoxville Central Mall in 2016, Anil Patel has created a loyal following.

“The word is spreading just through word of mouth. I really haven’t spent any money on advertising,"
said Patel.

Online reviews also drummed up support for the business.

“We searched some restaurants near us and the burger stop popped up and had great reviews on yelp. As I was driving I realized it was in the mall. I was like, ‘let’s try it out,"
said new customer Kelli Rose.

“Everyone at my job told me I had to try this burger place,"
said customer Marquise Caldwell.

Many credit Patel’s success to his personality.

“He’s always been very kind, very nice. He’s always been very personable with everyone he talks with,"
said continuing customer Ryker Williams.

“I just feel like you can change somebody's whole day in that short period of time, whether it’s through the food but mainly the way you talk to someone,"
Patel said.

Though the crowds have slowed over the years, Anil and his fellow business owners have put in the extra effort to draw back in the crowds.

“There’s a lot of us still attracting people here and working together to bring them back,"
said Patel.