East Knoxville nightclub shut down as nuisance

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - An East Knoxville nightclub was ordered closed Thursday as a public nuisance after a series of gang activity, shootings and violent behavior.

District Attorney General Charme Allen's office says Club Levels 2, 2514 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, has been the scene of repeated shootings and other violent altercations. Two people have been shot at the club since it opened in March, police are often called there to break up large disturbances, and known gang members frequent the club, openly showing gang colors and signs, according to Allen.

The owners, listed in court documents as Charles A. Flemmings, James E. Hodge, and Nathaniel J. Batts, as well as BLH Enterprises, are set to appear in court on January 17.

This is the 51st nuisance closure by the district attorney's office and the Knoxville Police Department.

Police calls to Club Levels 2

Court documents provided an extremely long list of police calls to Club Levels 2 since it opened in March 2017.

  • March 12 - Officers conducted a walkthrough and were overwhelmed by the odor of marijuana. They also saw several known gang members wearing gang clothing and flashing gang signs.
  • March 19 - Officers conducted another walkthrough and again smelled marijuana and saw known gang members.
  • March 27 - Officers called for a fight between two women in the parking lot.
  • May 14 - Dispatchers received a call about a fight in the parking lot. People were yelling at each other, saying they had guns and were going to shoot someone. Those people ran off before they could be identified.
  • May 21 - E-911 received a call from the victim of an assault that happened at the club. That person checked himself into Turkey Creek Medical Center.
  • June 3 - Dispatchers received a call about a fight that started at Club Levels 2 and was progressing toward Holiday Market.
  • June 10 - Officers called to a shooting. The victim had been shot in the leg in the parking lot.
  • July 8 - Police arrested Terrel Kemp in the parking lot for unlawful possession of a handgun and possession of cocaine with the intent to sell it. He eventually pleaded guilty to the weapon charge. The same night, officers saw a known Bloods gang member working security at the club and more gang members were seen inside. Officers also saw several alcohol violations and issued a citation.
  • August 5 - Dispatchers received a call about a fight in front of the club.
  • August 27 - Police interviewed a female victim who said she was assaulted by her estranged husband at the club, who is also a known member of the Rollin 60's Crips.
  • September 14 - Dispatchers received a call about a woman in the parking lot who was trying to fight people. The caller said the woman tried to run her over with a vehicle.
  • September 17 - Officers conducted a walkthrough and said the odor of marijuana was "overwhelming."
  • September 23 - Police received a call about a woman who was unconscious in the club due to ingesting alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • September 24 - Officers were stopped by someone who said he or she was assaulted in the parking lot of the club.
  • October 1- A woman called 911 to say she had been assaulted by a bouncer and another woman at the club.
  • November 15 - Officers were conducting a patrol of the parking lot and found a bag of marijuana labeled for resale. Meanwhile, an anonymous caller directed officers to additional marijuana in the parking lot. They also found around eight grams of crack cocaine.
  • November 26 - One of the owners called 911 to say there was a fight on the property. He said someone was assaulted and an ambulance was needed.
  • December 9 - Officers heard gunshots behind the club.
  • December 10 - Officers saw two women arguing outside the club. The argument turned into an assault and officers tried to stop the fight. While trying to take one of the women into custody, a crowd of patrons kept officers from arresting her and she was able to escape. One person was cut with a razor blade and said the fight started inside the club.
  • December 16 - Anthony Davis was arrested at the club for outstanding warrants. As officers were escorting him out, owner James Hodge reportedly intervened and swatting the officer's hand away from the door, saying, "This is my [expletive] club."
  • December 17 - Officers saw a fight breaking out among a large crowd in the parking lot.
  • January 1 - Officers were called to a shooting inside the club. The victim was interviewed at UT Medical Center and said he or she was shot in the leg inside the club.