Press Release

Back to school: Find NOAA resources with our new online database

With a new school year just around the corner, teachers and educators are gearing up to create lesson plans and find engaging activities for their students. We have a tool to make it easier than ever to include NOAA resources in your classroom: NOAA Sea to Sky, a new education resource database that houses over 1,200 educational resources created by NOAA and our partners.

“As teachers are getting ready for another school season, they are looking for reliable, credible sources that are easy to find and an asset to use in their classrooms,” says Louisa Koch, NOAA’s Director of Education. “We hope this new searchable database is a tool that science teachers and educators can use for all of their teaching needs.”

Not sure where to start? We asked staff from across NOAA to share the resources they think are a must-have for the classroom this year.