EMA Director: Flooding causes $32 million in damages in Knox County

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- After assessing damage across the county, the Knox County Emergency Management Agency said recent flooding caused more than $32 million dollars in damage to homes and businesses.

A total of 1,183 homes and business amassed an exact total of $32,455,160.

That total does not include another estimated $11,067,545 for damage and response costs for both Knoxville and Knox County governments. Included in this total is overtime for people working in emergency response and clean-up roles, as well as a Knoxville Fire Department truck that was stuck in flooding. This is considered 'public sector damage.'

Of the nearly 1,200 homes and businesses, a total of 34 homes and businesses were destroyed. Of that, 14 business in the Cedar Bluff Shopping Center were destroyed.

FEMA assessors will be in Knox County next week to evaluate the damage. To qualify for a FEMA disaster declaration, two criteria must be meet: the county must have at least $1.6 million in public sector damages, and Tennessee must have at least $9.5 million in damages.


  • 39 - No Damage Found

  • 778 - Affected (10 percent of property's value, or basement flooding)

  • 223 - Minor Damage (25 percent of property's value, hot water/HVAC affected)

  • 109 - Major Damage (50 percent of property's value, water above outlets on property floor)

  • 34 - Destroyed (100 percent of property's value, feet of water on property floor)