Hidden dangers lie in bodies of water

Amanda Ferguson # State

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- There are plenty of fun things to do outside in spring weather in East Tennessee. A lot of East Tennesseans want to enjoy the water.

"Out on the water is the best place you can be,"
said Randy Thompson, who is the Concord Park Superintendent,
"There's not a better spot you can be to enjoy nature and relax."

The water can be dangerous, whether you're on it or in it.

"There's still rocks under the water and you don't know how deep the water is, that's the problem you have there,"
Thompson said.

Experts said rocks aren't the only things hidden under the water.

"There's all kinds of things in the water, rocks, trees, and shallow water, that's another thing,"
Thompson said.
"You need to stay between the channel markers when you're running your boat up and down the lake."

A lot of danger is hidden in the water. You might not know how deep the water is. Then there are other dangers you can see, but can't predict, such as other boaters.

"The biggest thing that I see is people getting to close to other boats,"
Thompson said.
"You have to be courteous like you're driving. You don't want somebody tagging along beside your boat. You never know when people are going to turn. There are no lanes on the lake. It's open water."

To catch up on all boating regulations and water safety tips, visit the Tennessee state website.