Is your car covered in wintry road conditions?

Anne Brock # State

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Is your vehicle covered in the event of wintry road conditions? One insurance expert said it depends on the fine print and whether you decided to go beyond the basic liability coverage that is required.

Ryan Mahoney of Farmers Insurance in Farragut said,

"The law requires you carry bodily injury and property damage for other people. But comprehensive and collision coverage are for your vehicles."

Mahoney suggested drivers take time each year to review car insurance coverage, and to be sure they have enough to meet their needs.

Mahoney said,

"Make sure you carry collision coverage on your car. That way if you are in an accident, it'll pay to fix your vehicle."

He explained that if your car, truck or SUV is beyond repair, an insurance payment to cover your loss is for the current value of your vehicle, not what you paid when it was new. He explained that comprehensive coverage helps if your car is not moving but has something like a tree limb fall on it. You can also add uninsured driver coverage. Plus, roadside assistance via your insurance company can help you get a free tow if your car won't start.

Mahoney said everyone needs to keep an updated card showing proof of insurance with their car. He also noted that safety should come first, with people not driving in wintry conditions if not necessary. Plus, he reminded drivers that if they are in a wreck, they should try to move to a safe place off the road to avoid even more danger.

Monday's freezing rain and icy roads have already sent dozens of drivers to repair shops.

Mark Ogle of Hardin Valley Body Shop said, "We had several Monday morning. And then of course, as people talked with their insurance companies, we've gotten more all through the week."

Jake Tillett with The Collision Center said the damage included, "Wheel damage, some of them was pretty extensive. Some of them was minor."

Construction businessman Ray Pratt said his pickup truck is covered for the damage it received when he was stopped on the road in Farragut Monday and another car ran into the back of it. He said he was also thankful he was not inside the truck at the time.

"Bolted and ran and she just hit my truck. My truck almost passed me when I was running,"
he said.