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The city of Knoxville has a lot of services to offer Knoxville Residents.It is important to know what and when the city will help you with services they offer that a lot of other cities do not.So mark your calendars.

The leaf collection season runs from November through February. The Public Service Department crews will visit your neighborhood several times to vacuum your loose leaves.

Please rake your leaves to the edge of the street in an unobstructed area for easy collection. They should be placed in piles at the curb rather than in rows.

Leaves raked to the alley are collected last.

Leaves are collected separately from garbage and recycled into mulch. The plastic bags used to hold bagged leaves compromise the mulching process so all leaves should be loose. Only bagged leaves that can be placed inside your trash cart will be collected under the residential trash program. Bagged leaves next to the trash will not be collected as they are not considered bulky waste. Bulky waste pickup is reserved for household trash items too large to fit inside the garbage cart, such as a chair, shelving, or file cabinet.

Leaf CollectionIf you have questions about leaf collection call the 3-1-1 or 865-215-4311.

Last season the City of Knoxville collected over 7,000 tons of leaves that were processed for mulch and diverted from the landfill.