Knoxville police follow unsolved 2017 murders into new year

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- As a new year begins Knoxville Police said they still have their sights on many unsolved murders of 2017.

The Knoxville Police Department said Wednesday that the Violent Crimes Unit investigated 32 homicides inside the city limits in 2017. 18 of those cases were resolved through arrest, exceptional or other means. 14 cases are still open and considered active.

KPD said they expect to close more of the 14 as the 2018 year continues. Sgt. Jason Hill explained that many reasons for delay include forensics lab analysis and digital records being obtained and processed.

If you have any information on any unsolved murders you are asked to call Knoxville Police Department at 865-215-7212.