Press Release

Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park Accepting Lottery Entries for Firefly Viewing

Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park will hold its lottery through May 9 for viewing blue ghost and synchronous fireflies at a series of events later this month and in June.

The viewings for the blue ghost firefly lightshows are May 23, 24, and 27. Viewings for the synchronous firefly lightshows are June 5, 6, and 7. Winners in the lottery will be notified by May 15. All entries until May 9 will be considered as entered at the same time.

“We always have great demand for this event, and we’re excited to welcome visitors to the park for these viewings,” said Park Manager Tim Pharis. “We have limited access, so we have to limit the number of people we can accommodate. We anticipate a great night for all participants.”

Lottery entries can be submitted online at this site.

Synchronous fireflies are one of the few firefly species in the world that can synchronize flash patterns when looking for potential mates. The blue ghost firefly emits a steady blue light for up to a minute or more, giving a floating appearance.

Winning a spot in the program ensures the applicant one vehicle entry for a selected night of viewing at $50. Up to six people are allowed per vehicle. Only 10 applicants per night will be selected. The lottery is free to enter, and anyone interested may enter for each night of the schedule, so it is possible to enter for up to six dates.