Magnolia Avenue redevelopment taking off

Anne Brock # State

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.. (WVLT) -- New customers have been coming in since Headliners Barber Shop and Beauty Salon relocated from Cherry Street to its new Magnolia Avenue location.

"It's picking up a lot better, we have better parking, better to downtown location, so far we are very pleased with that,"
Salon Manager Franklin Scott said.

Community leader Michael Covington said several examples of investment have made their way to the Magnolia Avenue area, along with an increased demand for housing and shopping. He said there is also grant money available to help investors, and his group can point them to those resources.

"There are monies that are available at the federal and state levels for developments just like the Magnolia Corridor,"
he said.
"Some of it's called opportunity zone monies, some of it is called economic empowerment zone monies. But those monies are there in addition to local city monies for facade improvements, and that is happening at Burlington."

Real estate broker Suzy Trotta said she is positive about the area, so much so that she and her business partner chose to relocate their office to a spot at Magnolia and Olive.

"We live, work and play in East Knoxville, and we really believe in the East Knoxville community,"
she said.
"We just believe in the whole community, and we are doubled down and invested in East Knoxville."

The East Knoxville Community Meeting is hosting a discussion about development in the Magnolia Avenue area on Thursday, February 8. It is set for 6:00 p.m. at the Burlington Branch Library on 4614 Asheville Highway. A link this community group is in the 'related links' box on this page.