Search continues for Joe Clyde Daniels

Anne Brock # State

DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) - The search continued in Dickson County on Saturday for Joe Clyde Daniels, only to end with no closure.

Eight volunteers from Texas Equusearch trekked the Northern area of Dickson County - looking on road pull-offs for any clues.

"We're doing every pull-off that we can, that makes sense. We feel that that's what the suspect did."
said David Rader, director of the Midwest chapter of Texas Equusearch.

Police say Joe Clyde's father, Joseph Daniels, has confessed to beating Joe Clyde but won't tell investigators where he left the body.

"To sit at home and think that there's a child out there missing, and he hasn't been found yet, that's what drives you,"
said Rickey Alexander, an Equusearch volunteer.

Dickson County Sheriff, Jeff Bledsoe, said they are thankful for the continuous support to help find Joe Clyde.