TWRA adds new live 'elk cam' to give a look into Tennessee's elk population

Carrie Hulsey # State

CUMBERLAND PLATEAU, Tenn. (WVLT) -- You can now catch a glimpse of Tennessee's small, but thriving elk population thanks to Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency's new live 'elk cam' installed in Campbell County.

Though many people may not know, Tennessee has a small population of elk located in Hatfield Knob, a grassland within North Cumberland's Wildlife Management Area. According to TWRA, the area attracts thousands of visitors wanting to see the animals.

To allow those who can't visit Hatfield Knob to see the elk, TWRA set up a camera that streams the area live. They expect elk to be the main event, but believe that deer, turkeys, bears, foxes and coyotes among other wildlife will show up on the cam as well.

To check out the live stream, just visit their website.

The agency said if you are having trouble seeing the live feed, be patient, they are still working on perfecting it. If you lose the live stream, try refreshing your browser.