Taxpayers spend $600k in Knox County lawsuit against itself

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs announced Tuesday he has signed a settlement proposal to end a lawsuit that has cost taxpayers about $600,000.

About a year ago, the mayor's office said the county law director filed a lawsuit against the Knox County Retirement and Pension Board.

The suit claimed sheriff's deputies were being overpaid retirement benefits.

Mayor Jacobs said the settlement proposal would include up to 43 days of annual leave cash out.

"Knox County has a moral obligation to uphold this promise. Since inception, the county has paid its actuarial required contributions -- meaning the we've included the 43 days of annual leave cash out all along,"
Jacobs said.
"We have the financial ability to fulfill this promise without costing the taxpayers a dime more. It is the right thing to do."

Mayor Jacobs said while this has cost about $600,000 in taxpayer money, the number actually continues to rise each day the lawsuit continues.

"I urge the Knox County Commission to follow suit and pass a resolution in support of bringing this matter to a close as soon as possible so we can all focus on the real issues that face the citizens of Knox County every day,"
he said.