The Last Movie Star dedicated to an East Tennessean

Chynna Greene # State

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The premiere of "The Last Movie Star" was Thursday night. Not only was the movie shot in Knoxville and premiered in Knoxville, but the movie was dedicated to a local as well.

The movie was dedicated to Hannah Eimers. Hannah was a 17-year-old from Lenoir City who died last year.

Hannah's life ended November 2017 on Interstate 75 near Niota when her car left the roadway and hit a guardrail. Hannah was in the video production program at Pelissippi State Community College and landed a job as an intern on the set of "The Last Movie Star."

Hannah's parents were invited to the premiere Thursday and got to talk to Burt Reynolds for a little bit. Hannah's dad, Stephen Eimers, told Local 8 News reporter Chynna Greene his favorite part of the whole night was watching the end of the movie.

"For us, honestly the last seconds of the movie where we saw that this was dedicated to our little girl,"
Stephen Eimers said.
"Most people go to watch the movie, we go to watch the credits."

When Stephen found out that the movie was going to be dedicated to his daughter, he said he had mixed emotions.

"Honored but at the same time hurt because we thought, we thought she had a lot of talent to show, but truly honored,"
Eimers said.

The movie meant so much for East Tennesseans--but it was definitely a huge deal for the Eimers family.