UT students shed light on importance of volunteering

Gabrielle Hays # State

On Sunday, Oct. 7, groups of University of Tennessee students made their way back to Knoxville after participating in Alternative Breaks all over the country.

Alternative Breaks are service trips where students partner with organizations to fill a need or address a social issue in different cities.

Jasmine Blue is a co-leader and her group went to Nashville to focus on the city's affordable housing problems.

"We also talked about issues like homelessness, substandard housing and the foster care system,"
Blue said.
"So we got to work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity."

Brandon Wilmoth and Mackenzie Hobbs were also co-leaders, but their group spent time in three different cities in Georgia.

"Our group's theme was alternative sports,"
Wilmoth said.
"What that means is people with mental, physical and emotional disabilities actually get to be active."

It's something students participate in every year but they believe no matter how many times they do it, the impact of volunteering is great.

"There's a lot of injustices in this world and alt break really opens the door to break through those injustices and fight for people in a good way,"
Hobbs said.

Each lesson learned is detailed and brought back to share with others in hopes of spreading new solutions to the Knoxville community too.

"It's a great way to meet people from all across campus, it's a great way to learn about a new city and it's a great way to do something bigger than yourself,"
Blue said.