Company in Pigeon Forge giving its employees over $5 million in bonuses and company cruise to the Bahamas

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PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- In November, the Fee/Hedrick entertainment company behind many Pigeon Forge venues announced it was being purchased by World Choice Investments, LLC.

Though they will be handing over the reins to World Choice, Fee/Hedrick wanted to give their 500 employees a parting gift.

“Jim Hedrick and I want to reward our employees,”
said David Fee, president and chief executive officer of Fee/Hedrick Family Entertainment.
“Our success story did not happen overnight, and many people participated in making this company what it is today with their hard work and talent.”

The company is handing out over $5 million worth in bonuses. Every full-time employee in good standing who has been on payroll for at least a year will receive a bonus. They are based on time spent with the company, attitude, work ethic and contribution to the company's success, according to a release.

“I am brimming with gratitude, and it has been my great honor and privilege to have led this company for the past 24 years,”
Fee said.
“As always, bonuses are a gift and remain at the discretion of management. We sincerely hope that this gift will make a brighter Christmas for all of our employees".

Not only are employees receiving bonuses, but the company is also sponsoring a five-day company cruise to the Bahamas.

“We chose a company cruise to thank our employees because when our employees travel and they become tourists themselves, they expect an exceptional vacation experience. It helps them to relate to all of our tourists who come and vacation in Pigeon Forge,”
Fee said.

According to the release, all existing Fee/Hedrick locations will reopen in 2019 as scheduled, except for the previously announced Pirate's Revenge Dinner and Show. The Smoky Mountain Opry and Magic Beyond Belief shows will remain at the Smoky Mountain Opry Theater.