Air travelers can save time with TSA PreCheck deal in December

Anne Brock # State

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - McGhee Tyson airport is offering a December deal to save you time in the future at security checkpoints.

It could mean you breeze through airport security in five minutes or less and don't have to remove your shoes.

The airport takes part in the Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program. When you pay $85 for a membership and sign up online, you can be covered for five years. The program involves agreeing to an in-person appointment and fingerprinting. You'll receive a Known Traveler Number that identifies you when you purchase airline tickets.

The deal to enroll via McGhee Tyson runs December 10 - 14.

You can enroll in the program here.

You can learn more about the TSA program here.