Blount County Schools offers options for students to learn at home

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Blount County Schools are offering two new options this coming fall for students to learn at home.

It's a form of homeschooling that allows students to still interact with BCS teachers, face to face or online, and lets them keep up with the other students' core work.

Blount County Schools will give eligible families the curriculum and a computer to keep up. All you need is a parent or guardian willing to help out at home.

There are two programs with limited space. The Preferred Flex Academy for kindergarten through fifth grade has a $25 registration fee and a $25 computer fee. The Future Ready Academy for ninth through 12th has a $50 fee per credit and a $25 computer fee.

Applications are currently being accepted for Preferred Flex Academy and will be accepted for Future Ready Academy starting next week.