Alcoa police team up with local organizations for 'Booze It & Lose It' campaign

Robert Grant # State

The Alcoa Police Department teamed up with businesses and organizations throughout the community to promote the

"Booze It and Lose It"

Officers will be out over the holiday season, looking for impaired drivers, but they're getting a helping hand from members of the community to encourage people to not drink and drive.

Alcoa High School, Alcoa Middle School, the Shrimp Dock and Firestone are just a few of the 16 places that are putting up signs in support of the initiative.

"Only fools drive drunk,"
says the sign at Firestone.
"Party safe and sober,"
reads the Shrimp Dock's.

Alcoa Police said there is sometimes an increase in drunk driving during the holidays.

"It's the holiday season -- people are distracted,"
Lt. Keith Fletcher said.
"There's a lot of family things going on. We want people to be safe."

Alcoa PD reminds drivers to plan ahead and get a ride home.

"There's several apps out there you can use, cab services, and friends that maybe aren't going to consume alcohol,"
Lt. Fletcher said.

Alcoa police said drunk driving could cost up to $10,000 in court fees, if not your life.

This is the first year they partnered with local businesses to spread the safety message, but they said it won't be their last.

For more information on the campaign, go here.