HeyDoctor App Offers Low-Cost Medical Treatment via Text


HeyDoctor today announced the launch of its revolutionary new app that allows its doctors to prescribe low-cost treatment over text in minutes. HeyDoctor can care for many common ailments for a fraction of the cost of an office visit.

HeyDoctor is the first telemedicine app on the market to offer broad primary care without the hassle of video conferencing. This allows HeyDoctor to offer care at over 50% lower cost than leading online competitors. Currently, HeyDoctor’s services include birth control, STD testing, and treatment for UTIs, acne, tobacco addiction, cold sores, and more. Treatment is available regardless of health insurance. The app is currently live in 19 states including California, Florida, and New York, and will be rolling out in 10 more within the next 90 days, covering 80% of the US population.

The app is the brainchild of Dr. Brendan Levy, a Georgetown-trained family medicine doctor, and Rohit Malhotra, a San Francisco tech developer and lawyer. Both wanted to find a way, as Rohit puts it, “to make healthcare suck less.” Dr. Levy noted how, “so much time is wasted in traditional healthcare. I’ve had patients sit for hours in a waiting room for basic issues that required only a couple of minutes. I knew there had to be a better way to connect with my patients.” Furthermore, they hope that HeyDoctor will not only provide immediate access to treatment for busy professionals, but also bring healthcare to those who struggle to find reliable, in-person care, including patients in remote locations, students, parents, people with a lapse in health insurance, and others who are underserved by the current healthcare infrastructure.

HeyDoctor requires no health insurance and provides a wide range of primary care clinical services. Most HeyDoctor consultations cost less than $20. HeyDoctor will also offer individual and group memberships that provide additional savings. All consultations are handled by US based board-certified physicians, and HeyDoctor will continue to expand into more states as medical licenses and regulations allow. Prescriptions for medications can be picked up at a local pharmacy, sent by mail order, or in some cities be delivered directly to patients in under 2 hours.

HeyDoctor is currently available in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. HeyDoctor will become available in Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming within the next 90 days.

HeyDoctor is offered for both the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platforms.

About HeyDoctor

HeyDoctor is a medical app developed and backed by Sappira Inc., a San Francisco-based telemedicine technology firm. The company is guided by an all-star advisory board that includes doctors and researchers from the University of California San Francisco, the University of Washington, and the Washington University in Saint Louis, as well as leaders from Express Scripts and Veru Health. HeyDoctor is currently focusing on direct-to-consumer primary and urgent care and has also secured enterprise deals to license its electronic medical record platform under Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements. HeyDoctor also is building technology partnerships with health systems, payers, and other entities to expand access to care, improve patient experience, and reduce costs.