Park visitors caught on camera feeding what looks like a coyote

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TOWNSEND, Tenn. (WVLT) - A video captured in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park shows someone feeding what appears to be a coyote in Cades Cove on Monday, June 4.

Jason Crowder caught it all on camera. He said around 8:45 p.m., the people seen in the video caught the wild animal's attention, left food behind and sped off.

Crowder posted the video on the Facebook page. He said the coyote was walking in the parking area near the park's restrooms and gift shop when the people started to get its attention.

"The coyote, as you can see, was very eager to eat the food left for it,"
Crowder said.

He said there have been several instances within the past few months where humans have interacted with wild animals like this.

"Like It has been said before, let’s respect the beauty of the Smokies and its wildlife,"
Crowder said.
"They are there for our education and our enjoyment, but let’s not let that stand in the way of common sense. These are animals are both wild and can also be dangerous."

Crowder said he stopped recording, but the coyote did go after the food and eat it.