Somebody's watching! Former police surveillance van coming to Pigeon Forge's Alcatraz East

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Ever wondered what it's like to go on a police stakeout? Now you have the chance to see what a surveillance van is really like.

Visitors to Alcatraz East in Pigeon Forge can now get a true undercover cop experience by taking a close-up look at a former police surveillance van.

The van, which was previously used by the Food and Drug Administration and a Georgia police force, will be on display at the crime museum starting July 17.

“It’s not often that something like this comes along, that was actually used by federal and local law enforcement on criminal cases,”
Rachael Penman, Alcatraz East's director of artifacts and exhibits said.
“And it has not been stripped of its equipment, giving visitors a real insider look at how it all works.”

During its time in Georgia, the van was involved in active criminal investigations including drug crime and burglary stakeouts, according to Chief Bruce Hedley with the Lilburn, Georgia Police Department.

But besides its true-crime history, Alcatraz East says the van's cramped quarters might surprise visitors the most. Agents using the vans didn't have room to fully stand in the vehicle where they often spent hours.

Guests to the museum will also be able to see what the camera feed in the van would have looked like in the Getaway Cars Exhibit. The camera feed allowed agents to view suspects from four different angles.

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