Teens leave Facebook for faster, easier to use platforms

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Facebook is no longer the most popular social media site among teens aged 13 to 17. According to a recent study from the Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of teens use Facebook.

Facebook going out of style, what teens are using and what parents need to look for to keep their kids safe.

YouTube is the most popular social media platform for teens. Research shows that 85 percent of them claim to use it. Instagram comes in at a close second.

However, UT student blogger Tala Shatara enjoys it the most.

"In my age group, not as many people are using Facebook, they've turned to using other platforms for personal, professional use. It's kind of ironic because Facebook was made for college students, so to see it decline as I became one is very interesting,"
she said.

Though people take in content in different ways, Shatara said you have to work really hard to catch a teenager's attention.

"It's very hard to catch someone's eye these days. We have almost a .3 time slot to catch someone's attention. Facebook is so busy sometimes. Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter are so fast. To kind of grab those visuals, it's easier for millennials,"
Shatara said.

So, if not Facebook, what are the kids turning to these days? Research shows that 72 percent are on Instagram, while 69 percent are on Snapchat. Only 32 percent of teens populate Twitter.

On Instagram and Twitter, Shatara said,

"It's way more direct. Facebook does make it easy to directly message someone or talk to someone or generate feedback when you are putting content out. However, Instagram and Twitter are considered more fast. You have the ability to share different things on these platforms. It's something we've taken in as an easier platform."

Though many are on social media, and the Pew study discovered that 95 percent of teens claim to have a smartphone, Shatara said that teens have left, "Facebook up to older folks."