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Dr. Gwen Ford sharing her thoughts in this article. Below is transcript of the audio.

There is no question or doubt in anyone's mind that we ALL are going thru difficult and challenging times. We are full of doubts, concerns, uncertainty, anxiety, restlessness and even depression.


We have so many unanswered questions. So much confusion in our minds. What should we do or not do. Who do we listen to and who do we believe?

I personally feel the need to turn on my TV and watch all these "news" shows in the hope of staying on top of the cause and more importantly, the cure for this virus. I have always believed in " knowledge is power".


Since I fall in the senior category I am staying at home ( except for occasional trips) to bank, grocery store and post office. I wear my mask and even gloves. Being careful is first priority right now.

But, I am a firm believer in looking for the good in a bad situation. And, believe me, there is always some good out of bad deals. This coronavirus is definitely bad. And, it is not going away any time soon. So it's important that we search for the good that might come from this. So I am going to share with you in this article some of the "good" things I have found have brought me joy during these times so far.

So here goes:

I have spent a lot of time catching up on all those projects that have been in my "TO DO" list forever. This has made me feel a little better. It's a very good feeling to take something that has been on my mind a super long time, off that list.


I have devoted more time to reading. Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed reading and collecting books. Believe me, I have a rather large collection of books on lots of topics. I even have an entire wall ( 15ft long x 10ft tall ) with designer shelves that I call my "library" area.

Well, of course, I always make time each day to read my bible. Sometimes more than others...but I open my bible every day. This is important to me. ( Pictured left here is the bible I have sold through my " I Believe" TV show )

But, I have been catching up on reading other Christian books that are great sources of reference to further my interpretation of scripture.


The one I've had since 1995 and go to alot is also pictured here right

Well, moving on to my next favorite thing to do....gardening. I have been gardening a lot! I love to play around with my plants. I'm always repotting, or propagating my favorite ones or just looking at them. And lately, I've started taking pictures of my roses especially.


They are so pretty to me. I want to capture them for winter days. I especially love roses, so here are some pictures of my prettiest roses this year, right after a spring shower! Awhh, gardening brings me peace and joy.

Well, I just realized how long this article has become. So, I guess I am going to share some more "positive" things to do in my next article.

Please feel free to e-mail me your ideas, pictures, suggestions and feelings to:

share@easttntimes.com. I might even publish them. With your permission of course.

Till next time,

Dr. Gwen Ford

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