Former women's center operator faces $4.2M in federal tax liens

The IRS has slapped tax liens on a defunct Seymour women's treatment center and on the million-dollar Knox County home of its operator, alleging she owes $4.2 million in unpaid income taxes...


Social Security may use social media to evaluate disability claims

The Trump administration is looking to crack down on disability cheats through a new potential monitoring strategy. The Social Security Administration may start screening social media to evaluate disability claims. The administration is working on a proposal to allow the Social Security Administration access to sites like Facebook, Twitter and apps like Instagram to validate claims....


East Tennessee firefighters, city leaders learn steps to prevent wildfires

A wildfire conference this week focused on lessons learned after the Gatlinburg wildfires and ways to keep families safe if it were to ever happen again. The 2016 wildfires in Sevier County are etched in many people's minds as a sad part of our history....


Bill allowing alcohol in Neyland Stadium and TBA for concerts passes, just needs governor's signature

A bill that would allow alcohol sales at Neyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena officially passed the House and Senate Thursday, March 21. The Senate Ways and Means committee recommended the plan for passage Tuesday, March 5. The bill passed in the Senate on March 18, 27 to 4. On March 21, the House decided to comply with the Senate's bill, and it passed the House 70 to 21, with one person who decided not to vote....


Have the ultimate slumber party with the stars at Madame Tussauds Nashville

For the first time ever, diehard fans of certain celebrities have the opportunity to have a slumber party with their favorite stars. The “Ultimate Slumber Party with the Stars” package by will take place at all seven world-famous Madame Tussauds across the U.S. in April...


  • dolly
    Tennessee honors Dolly Parton as one of its 'most beloved and accomplished daughters'

    Dolly Parton is East Tennessee's sweetheart, but now the whole state is recognizing her contributions! "Dolly Parton is one of Tennessee's most beloved and accomplished daughters, a supremely gifted and multi-talented writer, entertainer, and businesswoman whose compassionate spirit is at the heart of all she does and whose philanthropy has touched the lives of millions around the world," the resolution states. ...



  • optimistic
    Be a Little More Optimistic: 6 Things Optimists Do Differently

    Truly, the most powerful weapon against daily stress is our ability to choose one thought, or response, over another.Optimism is your choice today. It’s not an inborn trait bestowed on a lucky few—it’s a skill that can be learned and honed. ...

Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) American photographer

Tech Bites

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    The Route of a Text Message, a Love Story

    With each tap, a small electrical current passes from the screen to her hand. Because electricity flows easily through human bodies, sensors on the phone register a change in voltage wherever her thumb presses against the screen. But the world is messy, and the phone senses random fluctuations in voltage across the rest of the screen, too, so an algorithm determines the biggest, thumbiest-looking voltage fluctuations and assumes that’s where she intended to press...