Knoxville now tracking short-term rentals for compliance, tax payments

The City of Knoxville is now tracking short-term rentals like Airbnbs to ensure they're operating legally.It's the next step in the short-term rental ordinance that city council adopted in December 2017. Anybody running one must live in a residential district or own property in commercial districts that allow residential use. They also must have a business license and an annual permit...


Tennessee sheriff "loaned out" inmate for personal use

The Lawrence County sheriff and a captain within the sheriff's office were indicted and arrested Thursday after an investigation found that the office allegedly allowed inmates to be used for labor by various county employees at personal homes and for personal reasons...


Nashville student recalls science experiment gone wrong that injured 18

A senior at a high school near Nashville recalls the moments surrounding a reported hazmat situation that injured a teacher and at least 17 students...


Family, friends remember Tenn. soldier killed in training center accident

The Tennessee National Guard said Wednesday that Private First Class Tara Turnage of Memphis was killed Monday morning in a vehicular accident at the National training Center in Fort Irwin...



  • riding_grace
    An urban cowboy rides through gang-ridden streets, preaching a gospel of redemption

    Tony Monroe spends five days a week riding his horse Grace through the most dangerous streets of Fresno, California. His peculiar pursuit began with a vision he had of himself riding a dark horse through a gang-controlled neighbourhood, which he took as a divine message. Twenty-five years later, Monroe is an odd yet familiar presence in Fresno, riding and preaching a Christian gospel of encouragement and God’s love to those who are struggling...


  • split_second_city
    Multilayered Photos Capture the Energy of 10 International Cities

    How can you capture the rich culture of a city in one image? The Big Domain, a UK-based company specializing in holiday rentals around the world, attempted to give us a taste of well-known cities “in a split second” through the use of composite photography....


Tech Bites

  • instagram

    Don't forget that Instagram is creepy, too

    With Facebook in the news for all the wrong reasons this week, it may be tempting to overlook the social media giant's photo-oriented sibling, Instagram. That would be unwise. Instagram, which you should absolutely never forget is owned by Facebook, has around 800 million monthly active users — and it exploits their data for ad targeting much like its scandal-prone big brother. This should worry you...