Maryville woman sews memories into pillows

"Something tangible to hold when that special person isn't in their life anymore," Schneider said.She calls them "Memory Pillows." The pillows aren't made out of any fabric; instead, they're made out of old shirts that usually belong to a loved one who's passed...


Expect 'parking lots' on Knoxville interstates this weekend

A five-mile section of I-40 will look more like a parking lot than an interstate this weekend.TDOT crews have prepared to continue bridge work between West Hills mile marker 380 and the I-640 interchange mile marker 385. The work begins Friday night at 8:00 p.m. and will end on Monday at 6:00 a.m...


Dollywood trains are full steam ahead for 2018 season

Dollywood’s trains have remained the same for almost a century, only the conductors have changed. The park’s two steam locomotives turn 75 and 80 years old in the park’s 2018 season. Local 8 News got an inside peek of how these old trains are kept up to speed...


Airlifts to get underway once weather clears to resupply LeConte Lodge

Crews are doing their annual aerial heavy-lifting for the LeConte Lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains. A large helicopter is airlifting hundreds of thousands of pounds of supplies to the rental cabins at the second-highest peak in the Smokies...


  • dolly_parton
    Dolly Parton's Mountain Soul vocal competition open for entries

    The fourteenth annual Mountain Soul Vocal Competition honoring Dolly Parton's songwriting began calling for entries.The competition was established to honor Parton by encouraging contestants from across the nation to sing one of the more than 3,000 songs she's written over the years..



  • split_second_city
    Multilayered Photos Capture the Energy of 10 International Cities

    How can you capture the rich culture of a city in one image? The Big Domain, a UK-based company specializing in holiday rentals around the world, attempted to give us a taste of well-known cities “in a split second” through the use of composite photography....


Tech Bites

  • facebook_secret_file

    Facebook’s ‘Secret’ File on You Is Bigger Than You Think — Here’s How to View It

    Facebook’s user data gathering prowess has been common knowledge for some time now, but one journalist’s impromptu experiment suggests it is even more ubiquitous and pervasive than previously believed. Nick Whigham, a reporter for the New Zealand Herald, decided to test out a feature on Facebook that allows users to download a ‘secret’ file showing how much personal history the company has gathered about them...