The Muse Knoxville opens two new learning spaces for kids to play and explore

The Muse Knoxville, a children’s museum, will present two new learning spaces Tuesday evening, one called A-Mazing Airways and another called MakeSpace, according to a news release. City of Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs are planned to be in attendance for the ribbon cutting...


Blake Shelton in Gatlinburg for update on Ole Red

Country music star Blake Shelton put on his hard hat in Gatlinburg to visit the construction site for Ole Red. The entertainment venue is a two story bar and restaurant with retail area, performance space, a dance floor and exterior terrace. It's expected to be finished in the Spring of 2019...


Senate Passes Music Modernization Act

The Senate passed the Music Modernization Act, and the house is expected to pass it within the next few days after a few changes to the bill. It's a big victory for musicians across the country, bringing it one step closer to being law. Songwriters say the 100-year-old copyright laws that allow them to collect royalties are outdated, and make it too hard to make money....


TGA After-School Programs Combine Sports & STEAM

Can sports help teach students about science, math, technology, even engineering? Now, there's an after-school program that uses golf and tennis to help kids grasp concepts. ...


Chris Young Receives Patriot Award

Christ Young became the first recipient of the Charlie Daniels Patriot Award. Young received the award Tuesday evening at a dinner and performance. The Patriot Award Dinner also featured some military veterans portrayed in the new movie 12 Strong...


  • Michael_Ketterer

    Michael Ketterer takes on America's Got Talent finale with song about God

    Tonight will be Tennessee native Michael Ketterer's last chance to dazzle the country in hopes of winning America's Got Talent. Ketterer wowed the judges and crowd from his first live performance where he earned the 'Golden Buzzer' from Simon Cowell. Since then, Ketterer has gained fans by not only his voice, but personality, his values and love for his family. Ketter is a husband and father to six 6 children, while also working as a pediatric mental health nurse and worship leader and his church...


  • Digital_Life
    Your Digital Life, Hidden with Christ

    Serving the God ‘who sees in secret’ in a world where there's pressure to post everything.The whole premise of social media is to reach as many people as possible, the more, the better. The frightening part about this logic is that it might be changing how we think about life. Can we enjoy a concert without capturing at least a part of it with our smartphones? Can we have a beautiful engagement without a hidden cameraman in the bushes to record the proposal?...


  • split_second_city
    Multilayered Photos Capture the Energy of 10 International Cities

    How can you capture the rich culture of a city in one image? The Big Domain, a UK-based company specializing in holiday rentals around the world, attempted to give us a taste of well-known cities “in a split second” through the use of composite photography....


Tech Bites

  • instagram

    Don't forget that Instagram is creepy, too

    With Facebook in the news for all the wrong reasons this week, it may be tempting to overlook the social media giant's photo-oriented sibling, Instagram. That would be unwise. Instagram, which you should absolutely never forget is owned by Facebook, has around 800 million monthly active users — and it exploits their data for ad targeting much like its scandal-prone big brother. This should worry you...