Business Leaders Survey: Inflation Woes Still Alive but Beginning to Ease

Conducted in August, the Tennessee Business Leaders Survey shows respondents easing out of a pessimistic view on inflation...

Sevierville New Greenway

Sevierville Completes New Greenway Wayfinding Program

Sevierville’s first greenway opened in 1998 and the City now has twelve miles of developed greenways located along rivers, within parks and parallel to major roads...

Tennessee Kids Serve Summer Challenge

Tennessee First Lady Maria Lee Wraps Fourth Annual Tennessee Kids Serve Summer Challenge

Since the summer challenge began in 2019, 1,100 kids have participated, serving a total of 4,511 hours in their communities...

school ounselors

Six Tennessee Schools Recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools

The recognition is based on each school’s overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps among student groups...

school kids

Tennessee’s list of lowest-performing schools is out. Is yours on it?

The state education department on Monday flagged 101 schools in 12 districts as so-called priority schools, meaning they were deemed academically in the bottom 5% in the 2021-22 school year...


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