Take Time To Smell The_Roses

Dr. G # Local

Gardening is a wonderful way to feel a deep inner peace. There is something peaceful about walking in your very own small or large garden. A space you designed in your mind first. But, then you start the work. And yes, gardens are definitely work. They require your time and attention. However, like anything else in life, there are tremendous rewards for your efforts. For example, the vibrancy of all the colors, the romance of their aroma, the feeling of tranquilty, and, for me, the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment along with a spiritual awareness of teamwork with Mother Nature!

Today, I would like to focus on “ Rose Gardens”. Personally I love roses. Any kind of rose. I guess this makes me a rose lover. I see so much beauty in their many delicate shapes, their velvety cool feeling when you touch their delicate petals, and that special unforgetable fragrance that a true rose emits. There is nothing like inhaling that fragrance. It takes you back in time. It's relaxing. Memories just fill my heart of the past whenever I smell a rose.

I especially like antique roses. Some refer to them as “heirloom” or “old garden” roses. Of course, there are lots of varities of these “old” roses and not to mention intensity of colors. I favor the ( Clothilde Soupert), a small soft pink climbing rose that takes me back to my childhood days. I was always cutting these and making lots and lots of rose bouquets. I can still see a beautiful arrangement on our kitchen table. Roses definitely bring back memories of your past. Enjoy them inside your home as well as in your garden.

Antique roses are super hardy. They can survive out in the wild without pruning, fertilizers and nasty bug sprays. They are in their own world. Displaying all their beauty. I say that for those of you who say

“ I love roses, but they require too much time and attention.”
Pick your variety according to your space, your knowledge of roses and the time you plan to devote to your rose garden. In the beginning keep it simple.

Roses have created a “generation of memories” for me. My grandmother was always telling my mom how much she enjoyed all the different types and colors of roses. She lived with us so I got to watch her share with my mom the joy of using roses not only for their beauty, but she taught my mom how to make rose tea. And in memory of my grandma, my mother kept up her garden. And I couldn't stay away. I asked questions, read books, and finally was given my little corner in this garden for my very own space. Voila!! I was addicted from then on. A third generation of rose afioncionados was born.

And, the best part of this journey is that I was able to hand down my love for roses to my granddaughter! In fact, love of plants altogether. She just invited me to come visit and help her set up her balcony container garden. This brought her childhood memories I had created for her, and believe me, it made my heart swell with love for her as I watched a grown young woman applying generations of the love of roses, flowers , plants, and all the beautiful joyful memories of our life' journey. And any of you grandmothers out there know exactly what I am talking about!

I just realized that without trying our family is going through our fourth generation of memories in our gardens! Wow!

I love roses so much that my favorite trip ever was going down south and looking at beautiful majestic southern mansions with large romantic rose gardens! I felt like I was transported back in time. And not just to my childhood. It felt so romantic and historical. I stayed an extra day just to take pictures and walk thru these lush gardens.

I met other rose lovers on that trip that further embelished my “antique rose” collection experience.

Here are some of the things that I still carry over from that trip.

  1. Rose lovers, when asked, will let you share cuttings.

  2. If time or space does not permit you to enjoy an outdoor garden, buy an indoor variety for your window sill.

  3. Join a garden club.

  4. Make a scrapbook of your favorite roses.

  5. Create a “rose wall” in your quiet corner in your home.

  6. Treat yourself to a rose bouquet from your favorite florist or friend.

  7. Take plenty of pictures to share with others. (see below)

  8. Try learning to paint a rose.

  9. Buy lots and lots of glassware, pillows, pictures and memorabilia as home decor.


I hope this article has inspired you to try one of the above 10 suggestions. My favorite is # 10! I just sent my sister a dozen soft pink roses.

I close this article with a favorite saying of mine...


These are the beginning of my latest rose garden