The Chosen, the #1 crowdfunded media project in history

Angel Studios, Streaming Platform Behind “The Chosen”, Raises $47 Million Investment Led by Gigafund to Give Hollywood a Remake

Angel Studios—distributors of _The Chosen_—is receiving nearly $50 million in investment from Gigafund, the venture capital firm behind Elon Musk's company SpaceX. They believe Angel is transforming the entertainment industry like Musk changed space and automobiles...

Dr. Gwen Ford relaxing by the river

Simple ways for us to lower our blood pressure

I know that all of us at one time or another have read an article about how to lower your blood pressure. I know that I have...

Cornerstone Box Discovered During Demolition of Historic Dresden First United Methodist Church

Cornerstone Box Discovered During Demolition of Historic Dresden First United Methodist Church to be Opened at Discovery Park of America.

The cornerstone box was found bricked inside a part of the church that was dedicated in 1923 and was previously unknown to many of tod...


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    Dear Heavenly Father...

    We give you praise and joyful thanks for all the blessings you give and show us EVERY day!Spring is here showing us the message of new beginnings. The care and thoughtfulness you take in the beauty that is blooming by the day for us to enjoy...the colors, the fragrances, the delicateness but most of all ...that you do this for US. All in your perfect timing dear Lord. The same care and attention you give each and every one of us on a daily basis...sometimes by the second Lord.
    We thank you for the way you love us...each and everyone of us and that you let us know that you are ALWAYS with us. Thank you Lord.

    Amen and AMEN!



    James 5:20 NLT

    You can be sure that
    whoever brings the sinner back
    from wandering
    will save that person
    from death
    and bring about the forgiveness
    of many sins.

    Have a blessed day!


Dr. Gwen Ford

  • blue flower with quote 'In every seed is the word of God

    There is no question or doubt in anyone's mind that we ALL are going thru difficult and challenging times. We are full of doubts, concerns, uncertainty, anxiety, restlessness and even depression. But, I am a firm believer in looking for the good in a bad situation. And, believe me, there is always some good out of bad deals. ..Read more

I love to pray.

  • Make it Happen..Pray!
    The power of prayer

    I totally enjoy my time with my LORD. I feel at peace and my mind and body feel refreshed when I am finished. Sometimes I don't want to stop. I feel prayer is better than a good nights sleep to calm you and make your spirits and enthusiam unite. Read more

prayer for a blessed, prosperous, joyful, peaceful and loving 2022!

Dear heavenly Father,

  • As we come together and by Your grace we begin another year...we ask in prayer for a blessed, prosperous, joyful, peaceful and loving 2022!

    As you tell us in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:

    "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a "TIME" for every event under heaven. A "time" to weep, a "time" to laugh, a "time" to mourn, and a "time" to dance.

    But most importantly LORD, may we always see every "someday" in every "today" , That YOU Lord are always with us and will never leave us, and always ...always will LOVE us every DAY of 2022!

    So Lord, surround us with guardian angels as we weep,laugh,mourn and DANCE with you by your Holy grace LORD thru this new year. To you Lord be all the glory and praise!'



    Dr. Gwen Ford On her set of the I Believe show at the beginning of each taping.
    Dr. Ford on TV set praying before each taping.


    Say this prayer every day. Our God always hears us and responds to our prayers. Prayers are powerful....I BELIEVE this will all my heart and soul.

    Take your "someday" resolutions and turn them into "today" memories full of gratitude. I choose to "DANCE" this year by the grace of GOD.

    If you need prayer....or chose to share your prayer.....please go to or text me at 865-680-1891 .

    Please share this prayer with anyone you feel led to. Let's bring joy to our friends and family. God's blessings your way..

    Dr. Gwen Ford


Dr. Gwen Ford I Believe Ministries