Communicating about stewardship needs to begin with a strategy

When many people hear the term “stewardship,” there’s often a tendency to think “money” — and even more specifically, Oh boy … they’re going to talk about money again today.But you know that stewardship can involve myriad possibilities for making an “invitation to give”… yes, of treasure, but also — and perhaps more importantly — of time, talent, passion and participation...


Samaritan's Purse to Rebuild 55 Churches and 390 Homes in Hurricane-Damaged Puerto Rico

Franklin Graham's evangelical humanitarian organization, Samaritan's Purse, has launched a multi-year recovery plan to rebuild 390 homes and 55 churches in central and southern Puerto Rico that were severely damaged by Hurricane Maria that struck its shores last September...


Targeted, Bullied, and Silenced

More and more faith-based adoption agencies are being forced to close for refusing to place children in houses with same-sex couples.Liberal jurisdictions in California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Philadelphia and the District of Columbia, have shut down religious agencies, according to GOP USA...


Hey Church — here’s why you might not have enough volunteers

Over the past couple of years, I’ve served 50-plus churches as a worship team trainer and guest worship leader. I’ve noticed some interesting trends in worship ministries that are healthy, growing and happy. This article has little to do with the quality of liturgy or congregational worship experience, but it’s more a peek under the administrative hood. It is not exhaustive; it’s just a list of markers I have noticed...


It is a Literal Miracle Every Time I Sing

Charity Tillemann-Dick is a chart-topping opera singer. What makes her accomplishments even more amazing is she's singing with someone else's lungs. Through faith, she overcame major medical obstacles to once again lift her voice in song.Opera singers need very strong lungs. So imagine how hard it would be to bounce back after a double lung transplant...not once, but twice...


  • Church_Solar
    Churches around the country are going solar

    Whether or not people regularly attend their churches, some three-quarters of Americans identify as religious, and there are hundreds of thousands of churches, synagogues and mosques in the country, all of which need electricity for lights, HVAC and charging the pastors’ electronic gadgets, among other things...


  • gun_violence
    God Hates Gun Violence

    Violence enters the human story from nearly the beginning: “While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him” (Gen. 4:8).The Genesis narrative notes that violence soon becomes endemic...

Richard Silver

Tech Bites

  • facebook_secret_file

    Facebook’s ‘Secret’ File on You Is Bigger Than You Think — Here’s How to View It

    Facebook’s user data gathering prowess has been common knowledge for some time now, but one journalist’s impromptu experiment suggests it is even more ubiquitous and pervasive than previously believed. Nick Whigham, a reporter for the New Zealand Herald, decided to test out a feature on Facebook that allows users to download a ‘secret’ file showing how much personal history the company has gathered about them...