What To Do With What You Know

In a world driven by information, it is more than a little easy to mistake knowing something as important and good in and of itself. As such, the acquisition of spiritual information is something of a going industry.It is scandalous in our time, particularly where information is seen as an essential element of democracy (and we imagine the spiritual life to be as rightly democratic as the political life), to be told that there is knowledge that is bad for you or knowledge for which you are not yet suited. It is the case...


The End of Time Is Not What You Think

It was a generally accepted notion that we were living in the “end times,” meaning that Christ would soon return. We were taught that believers would be “raptured” out of the terrible things that would unfold and be with Christ in heaven. We were also taught that the end of the world would come about in a terrible world-wide conflagration. We hid under desks in our schoolrooms, practicing for a nuclear war (desks are known to protect you from hydrogen bombs). The end of the world was soon, and only a push of the button away....

Why the forbidden fruit in Genesis is probably not the apple

After the celebrations of Simchat Torah and the reading of Deuteronomy where Moses gives up the mantle to Joshua to lead the Children of Israel into the Promised Land, we start again with the story of Genesis, culminating in the creation of Adam on the 6th day

5 facts about Heaven from the Bible

Heaven is so real, but many don't believe it is. Sadly, there are Christians who have a wrong picture of what Heaven is like. Because of this, they live poor and powerless Christian lives. Knowing what Heaven is like will help us focus our hope in Christ and His promises. After all, while we are here in this fallen world, we are living in situations and conditions so different from what God has in store for us. Don't you get excited at the thought of that?...