PrayKnox: Group to spend 2018 praying for Knoxville with daily devotions, monthly meetings

A newly formed group of Christians are praying for Knoxville and inviting others to join in daily devotionals and monthly meetings.Pray Knox is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational effort. With services led by young people and support from area churches, PrayKnox aims to unify "the body of Christ for the spread of the Gospel and the love of Jesus."..


Fairness for FEMA Funds: FEMA Changes Its Disaster Rules for Churches

FEMA’s policy guide previously stipulated that institutions like museums, zoos, and other non-profits were eligible to receive grant money in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Churches and other religious institutions, by virtue of their engagement in “religious activities such as worship, proselytizing, religious instruction, or fundraising activities,” were not...


Why the Christian World Needs More Mommy Bloggers

The term mommy blogger has been used in the past as an insult.It's a disparaging term used to belittle or undermine women who are speaking up about their lives and experiences. It's designed to make the views and opinions that women express seem of less important. But mommy bloggers are leading a cultural movement of women, and it's time for Christian women to get involved. Women are typically underrepresented in Christian circles online. Although church attendance skews female, online participation or engagement skew to men...


How to Promote Bible Literacy Among Teens: Be Authentic

As a child, Lauren Green McAfee remembers waking up each day before the sun rose to learn math from her dad before he left for work at 7 a.m. And every time she entered his study, he would always be reading his Bible... ...


Making Known the Mystery

The trouble with reading Scripture is that almost everybody thinks they can do it. This idea is rooted in the assumptions of Protestant thought: only if the meaning of Scripture is fairly obvious and more or less objective can it serve as a source of unmediated authority for the believer. ..


  • jesusname
    At the Name of Jesus

    On the eighth day after His birth, the eternal Son of God, in accordance with the Law, would have been circumcised and given His name. The name He received was quite common. It is the same Hebrew name as “Joshua.” It means, “God saves.”..


  • anno_domini
    AD 2018 is the Year of Jesus Christ

    Two thousand and eighteen years ago something happened that would change the trajectory of history forever. All our times are pin-pointed to this one significant event that we can't erase from our collective memory, no matter how much we may try...

Richard Silver

Tech Bites

  • malware_market

    The Hollowing Middle of the Surveillance Malware Market

    Spare a moment to consider the FinFishers and Hacking Teams of the world, the forebears of a multi-million dollar market for government spyware. While their founders relished in their personas as spies-for-hire, behind the scenes they have always been startups running on thin margins with stiff competition. Increased costs, export regulations, security improvements, and the perils of belligerent clients will make their position increasingly untenable...