The Scriptural Teaching of Predestination

Much discussion of predestination centers around the question of individual salvation and damnation. People holding to a belief in what is called “double predestination” assert that before the universe began God surveyed a list of everyone who would ever live and distributed their names between one of two lists.


Why Does God Hide?

God hides. God makes Himself known. God hides.This pattern runs throughout the Scriptures. A holy hide-and-seek, the pattern is not accidental nor unintentional. It is rooted in the very nature of things in the Christian life. Christianity whose God is not hidden is not Christianity at all. But why is this so?...


A Secular Kingdom…Where Christmas Never Comes

Two people are working at a soup kitchen, feeding the poor. One of them is a Christian, the other an atheist. The Christian is doing what he does out of obedience to Christ, in order to serve Christ “in the least of these my brethren.” The atheist is doing what he does because he thinks that generosity is a good thing and that the world would be a better place if people acted in such a manner. What is the difference?..


Just A Consumer?

We really have succumbed to such a consumerist mindset that the Pavlovian trigger of “sale” actually has us queuing up outside the “box” retailers to wait in the cold to get a slip of paper that gives us permission to purchase a product at a particular price so we will “have” the product. One begins to wonder if we “have” the product, or does the “product” have us?..