15 Soothing Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our well-being. The process is vital to both our physical and mental health — studies have shown that people who experience sleep insufficiency are at a greater risk of developing several diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and depression.There are a number of causes of lack of sleep, from sleep disorders and stress to the quality of the air.Luckily, there are many natural remedies for sleep deprivation, like adding a plant to your bedroom...


America's Got Talent' finalist Chase Goehring visits Knoxville

"America's Got Talent" finalist and Nolensville resident Chase Goehring stopped in Knoxville on Wednesday as a part of a tour to promote the show's upcoming auditions in Nashville on Saturday.He said he wanted to travel and promote the auditions because of his positive experience on the show and the memories he made."I got asked to do it and I just love 'America's Got Talent' so much, and my experience was so exciting and filled with so many memories that I'm going to have forever"...


Knoxville Opera Company to Perform Condensed “Turandot” at Blount County Public Library

Professional Knoxville Opera Company artists will perform a condensed version of the famous opera in English. The free performance will have a set and props, and artists will be in costume for this ancient story about a beautiful Chinese princess, the Prince who pursues her and his servant girl who sacrifices herself to protect the man she loves. A Mandarin announces that any suitor to the icy princess Turandot must solve three riddles or die. Seeing her, Prince Calaf falls in love with Turandot and announces himself a suitor who will answer the riddles....


The Met Places Over 375,000 Artworks into the Public Domain for Unrestricted Use

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that more than 375,000 images found in the museum’s online collection are now available for free and unrestricted use. The high-resolution images are licensed under Creative Commons, the non-profit organization that facilities the public use of some 1.1 billion digital works...


Notation Knives: Listen to Cutting Edge Music From the Renaissance

It’s not exactly musical chairs, but this Renaissance-era cutlery can carry a tune at any table setting. Dating back to the 16th century, these extremely rare knives are engraved with musical scores complete with lyrics. On one side is a benediction that may have been sung before a meal, and then a grace on the reverse side that was sung after eating. For instance the knife below reads: “The blessing of the table. May the three-in-one bless that which we are about to eat.” And the other side reads: “The saying of grace. We give thanks to you God for your generosity.”..

Lifestyles Stories

  • crow_litter
    The Startup Using Crows to Clean Up Cigarette Litter

    Just how big of a problem is cigarette litter? The butts are tossed onto the ground at a rate of 65 percent, according to Keep America Beautiful. Approximately 258 billion cigarettes were produced in the United States in 2016.That means roughly 167,700,000,000 cigarettes were tossed on the streets, into bushes, and washed down storm drains. That is an astounding number....


  • Spider_Plant
    The 5 Best Office Plants to Boost Your Productivity

    Adding a touch of green to your work space carries proven wellness benefits, from boosting productivity to purifying the air. But windowless cubicles and wacky watering schedules can bring most plant varieties to an early demise.Which makes picking the perfect office plant challenging.Avoid getting stuck with a sad plant cemetery on your desk by choosing one of these air-cleaning, mood-boosting varieties that are also nearly impossible to kill...


  • teaching_online_classes
    How to Get Started Teaching Online Creative Classes

    Teaching your own online class (or classes) can be a great way to share your knowledge and create a new side hustle that could even turn into something full-time with the right amount of effort. And if you think there may not be a lot of money in the industry, think again. Forbes estimates that the e-learning market will grow 5% over the next 6 years, exceeding $240 billion....


Tech Bites

  • router

    How to Protect Your Home Router from Attacks

    Your router, that box sitting in a corner of your house giving you internet access, is in many ways more important than your laptop or mobile phone. It might not store any of your personal information directly, but sensitive data passes through it every time you access various online services and can be stolen or manipulated if the router is hacked....