Book Excerpt: In Animals, the Thin Line Between Play and Dreaming

Scientists are puzzled by the mysteries of both play and dreaming among animals, which may be intimately connected...


Conspiracy theorists seem to favour an intuitive thinking style – here’s why that’s important

Relying on our intuitions can help us be creative, but it might also contribute to conspiracy theories...

‘Phone spyware

Spyware can infect your phone or computer via the ads you see online – report

Some forms of spyware can take control of a phone, including turning on its microphone and camera...

white horse running in snow

Weaponized Empathy

The impulse to look out for other people can be hijacked to spread confusion and misinformation...

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  • bear
    Summer Means Road Trips and Increased Bear Activity

    “Black bears are one of Tennessee’s state treasures and it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep them wild and keep them alive,” says Dan Gibbs, TWRA Black Bear Coordinator. “Bear management experience has shown that bears attracted to human food sources, or that are deliberately fed by humans, have a relatively short life.”. .

  • Dollywood
    The Dolly Parton Experience Now Open at Dollywood

    The entire Adventures in Imagination area was completely transformed to create The Dolly Parton Experience. Guests can peruse exhibits which span her unparalleled career and include a look at the inspiration behind and the results of her biggest dreams, detail the importance of her family, and highlight many of Dolly’s signature styles through the years.

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