Dizzying Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko

Lauren Ko brings mathematical precision to her baking, using elaborate intertwined patterns to form transfixing patterns to the top of her homemade pies and tarts. The Seattle-based amateur baker has been piecrafting for just a couple of years..


SkyPixel Photo Contest Announces the Best Aerial Photography of 2017

In just three short years, SkyPixel has become a leading community for aerial photographers looking to show off their work and connect with likeminded enthusiasts. The platform's annual aerial photography contest brings together professionals and amateurs, who compete in separate competitions across several categories. The recently revealed winners of the 2017 SkyPixel Photo Contest demonstrate the diversity and artistry of the craft...


Harvard Is Offering a Popular Online Architecture Course for Free

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a class at Harvard? If you're interested in architecture, you'll be thrilled to hear that Harvard's Graduate School of Design is offering its popular course, The Architectural Imagination, for free online. From the comfort of your own home, you'll get the benefit of Harvard's world-class faculty teaching the fundamentals of architecture...


Amazon Replaces Office Buildings With Spherical Plant-Filled Greenhouses

Today, many desk-bound workers express an interest in “bringing the outdoors in.” From vertical gardens to stackable planters, small alterations can make a mundane office feel like a much-needed oasis. As one of the biggest businesses in the world, it is no surprise that Amazon has taken this indoor/outdoor idea to a whole new level with “The Spheres,” a trio of greenhouse workspaces located outside of its Seattle headquarters..


Best Free and Affordable Online Photoshop Tutorials for Photographers

For the past 27 years, Photoshop has become the go to software for creatives who work with graphics. Photographers, designers, and digitals artists are just a few of the professions that benefit from the capabilities of this powerful program. Especially prevalent in the world of photography, Photoshop's post-processing capabilities are endless...

Lifestyles Stories

  • ikea_diy_greenhouse
    IKEA Releases DIY Instructions to Create Your Own Globe-Shaped Greenhouse

    The innovative furniture retailer recently released instructions allowing anyone to build their own DIY greenhouse.Composed of a series of stacked plant boxes, the globular Growroom's goal is to offer “food that tastes better, is healthier for us, more nutritional and doesn’t put massive pressure on our dwindling supplies of fresh water nor our environment.”...


  • split_second_city
    Multilayered Photos Capture the Energy of 10 International Cities in a Split Second

    How can you capture the rich culture of a city in one image? The Big Domain, a UK-based company specializing in holiday rentals around the world, attempted to give us a taste of well-known cities “in a split second” through the use of composite photography. Over the course of 10 images, each city is showcased under layers of the people and landmarks that make it recognizable...


  • NASA_DIY_moon_calendar

    NASA’s DIY Moon Calendar Shows the Moon Phase on Any Day of the Year

    Ever wonder when the next supermoon or lunar eclipse will be taking place? Whether you're an astrophotographer or simply an astronomy lover, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made it easy to discover the phases of the moon with a clever DIY project. Their Moon Phases Calendar and Calculator is a fun project that only requires a printer, scissors, a hole punch, some tape, and a brass fastener to complete...


Tech Bites

  • malware_market

    The Hollowing Middle of the Surveillance Malware Market

    Spare a moment to consider the FinFishers and Hacking Teams of the world, the forebears of a multi-million dollar market for government spyware. While their founders relished in their personas as spies-for-hire, behind the scenes they have always been startups running on thin margins with stiff competition. Increased costs, export regulations, security improvements, and the perils of belligerent clients will make their position increasingly untenable...