Art Therapy: 7 Ways to Draw Your Stress Out

As an art therapist for over four decades, I’ve been able to give my clients simple yet enjoyable tools for dealing with stress. Whether the stress was related to a chronic or life-threatening illness, divorce or separation, job security, or any number life crises, scribbling and drawing have proven to be powerful ways to release pent up emotions, worries, and self-judgment.....


18 DIY Gifts You Can Actually Make for Your Mom This Mother’s Day

When you were younger, you likely wished your mom a Happy Mother’s Day with a homemade gift or handcrafted card. Often adorned with painted handprints or paste-covered macaroni, these thoughtful presents let your mom know how much you care. Inspired by this personal approach, we’ve put together a selection of DIY kits that will send your mom a message from your heart (and hands) this Mother’s Day...


This Startup Is Making Food Mostly Out of Air and Electricity

Solar Foods says its protein powder is “completely” disconnected from agriculture. According to CEO Pasi Vainikka, one kilogram of Solein can feed seven to ten people their full day’s worth of protein....


The Time Factor

It is a given that those of us with ADHD have what are referred to in a non technical way as “poor time management skills.” There is no technical term for this, or at least not one I’ve heard. It all has to do with too many of the differences that define an ADHD brain in relation to the neuro-typical brain. Somehow, when it comes to time … we fail....


Healthiest Ways to Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

During hectic times, it’s tough to remember that relaxation is more than a luxury. In fact, humans need to relax to maintain balance in their lives. Work stress, family strife, and mounting responsibilities can exact a tremendous toll. Relaxing should be at the top of the list as a healthy coping measure and as a rewarding self-gift. Why do we so often neglect this healing self-care? Do you know the healthiest ways to relax your mind, body and soul?...

Lifestyles Stories

  • book_of_kells
    World’s Most Famous Medieval Illuminated Manuscript Now Viewable Online

    In the world of Medieval illuminated manuscripts, there’s one work that sits above the rest. The Book of Kells is not only the finest existing work of its kind, it’s also an Irish national treasure. Believed to have been created around 800 CE, the work is on permanent display at Trinity College Library in Dublin. But now you can see it in close detail without ever setting foot on Irish soil (or even leaving home)....

  • pre_raphaelite
    Pre-Raphaelites: How a Secret Society of Artists Blossomed into an Art Movement

    For centuries, painters have looked to Renaissance artists as masters of the craft. Vincent van Gogh called Michelangelo’s figures “magnificent.” In his early work, Pablo Picasso emulated the style of Raphael. Surrealist Salvador Dalí described the Renaissance as the result of “divine genius.” With such high praise, it’s hard to believe that anyone could dislike the art of the Renaissance. However, in the 19th-century, a group of emerging artists in England formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a secret society dedicated to denouncing the movement—and starting their own....


  • Anxiety
    Break Free of Your Anxiety and Phobias in 4 Simple Steps

    Anxiety that causes serious discomfort shouldn’t have to go on forever. Yet long-term talk therapy and treatment with medications don’t always free a person who’s suffering. Millions of Americans are dealing with some form of anxiety disorder: according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), each year, 40 million American adults grapple with an anxiety disorder in some form. ....


  • books1
    6 Inspiring Books That Will Lift Your Mood

    Losing yourself in the pages of a riveting novel or memoir is a legitimate form of therapy. Even better is coming away from the characters and the story with a renewed purpose and sense of hope. John Green, one of my favorite authors, said “Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood.” I think that’s true especially for people who struggle with depression and anxiety or some other chronic illness that is stigmatized in our culture. Between the covers of a book, we find a new world that shines some light on our reality...

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Tech Bites

  • health_app

    Health Apps Can Share Your Data Everywhere

    The researchers examined 24 of the top-rated Android apps for health medicine management in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, including Ada, Lexicomp, Medscape, and Medicinewise. They found that 19 out of the 24 tested apps shared user data outside of the app, frequently to third-parties like Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google, and AT&T. An app called “Pill Identifier and Drug List” shares data with the Department of Health and Human Services...