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NOAA celebrates 50 years of landmark coastal, ocean legislation

Do you enjoy exploring, swimming, surfing, boating, fishing or just relaxing along our nation’s public beaches and shorelines? ..

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14 New Environmental Books to Kickstart Your Summer Reading List

Writers like Kim Stanley Robinson, Barry Lopez, Sy Montgomery and others celebrate the fragile beauty of this modern world — and address how to help save it...


Projected increase in space travel may damage ozone layer

Projected growth in rocket launches for space tourism, moon landings, and perhaps travel to Mars has many dreaming of a new era of space exploration...

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Wind Power Is (Finally) Having a Moment

A surge in offshore wind projects has helped make wind power a renewable force...

Twin supercomputers

U.S. supercomputers for weather and climate forecasts get major bump

Accurate weather and climate predictions are critical to informing public safety, supporting local economies, and addressing the threat of climate change...



The Great Outdoors: Weather Safety

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    What can I do to protect coral reefs?

    Coral reefs play a vital role in sustaining the health of our oceans and our economy. NOAA is working to increase understanding of the causes of reef decline...