Battleground’ Weather Pattern Has Been in Place the First Half of February and It's Likely to Continue

The weather pattern in the first part of February has featured colder-than-average conditions in the West and northern Plains and near- or above-average temperatures in the East and South. In between has been an active storm track, or battleground, between those temperature regimes. February has been dominated by cold temperatures in the West and northern Plains while parts of the South and East have been relatively mild, setting up an active storm track in the battleground between those extremes. That same weather pattern will likely hold through the end of the month....


Atlanta, Nashville among cities at risk for flooding in southeastern US during late February

The track of several storms over the next couple of weeks will bring rounds of flooding rainfall over roughly the same area from the lower Mississippi Valley to the Interstate-95 corridor in the South....


Monday night to feature lunar duo: Supermoon, full Snow Moon

The Snow Moon will shine brightly on the night of Monday, Feb. 18, 2019, even in areas where snow is not on the ground. But how did the moon earn this nickname? Each month features a full moon, when the sun illuminates the entire Earth-facing side of our celestial neighbor...


February storms could hit the South and also lift mid-Atlantic seasonal snow totals to above normal

Two and perhaps three individual storms could bring snow and ice across the southern U.S. farther south than usual starting late this weekend and continuing through the end of February. The southern storm track could impact Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and possibly northern Mississippi...


East, Midwest Spring Flooding May Be More Widespread This Year

The combination of melting snow, additional rain and snow and rising temperatures all play crucial roles in determining how widespread and severe spring river flooding is from March through May in the Midwest and Northeast....


Flood, severe weather dangers to ramp up in southeastern US around midweek

While rivers are already rising, a new storm will further heighten the risk for flooding and severe weather across the lower Mississippi and Tennessee valleys around the middle of the upcoming week. After the weekend ends with rain further soaking the ground and slowing travel across the Tennessee Valley and Carolinas, more wet weather will quickly return by midweek....



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