Heavy rain means higher waters at East Tennessee dams

While much of East Tennessee cleans up from flooding debris left behind after weekend downpours, the Tennessee Valley Authority has been manning dams along the Tennessee River. TVA officials said some lakes could experience several more feet of water than is normal for winter months...


Rain to accompany unseasonable warmth across eastern US late this week

Temperatures will be on the rise for the second half of this week in the East, but so will the opportunity for clouds and rain.A cold front is forecast to push across the region Thursday and Friday, bringing clouds, showers and even a steadier rain to some places...


Mild days to outnumber chilly ones in northeastern US into late February

Aside from a few chilly days here and there, most of the time will be mild in the northeastern United States into the end of February."Following the downward slide in temperatures over the past couple of days, mild air will bounce back across much of the Northeast later this week,"...


February Thaw Could Melt Most of Central, Eastern U.S. Snowpack by Late-Week

Following back-to-back winter storms – Liam and Mateo – from early last week through last weekend, many residents of the Northeast, Midwest, Plains and Rockies are feeling snow-fatigued after days of shoveling and snowblowing driveways and sidewalks. But the forecast calls for warmer temperatures later this week, which will melt most of this remaining snowpack...



  • aura_moment_factory_art
    19th-Century Gothic Church Is Transformed into Wonderland

    Canadian multimedia studio Moment Factory is known for their incredible immersive experiences, having collaborated with everyone from musicians Arcade Fire to the NFL. Recently, they transformed Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica with AURA, a multimedia installation that paid homage to the church's wondrous art and architecture...


  • lauren_ko
    Dizzying Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko

    Lauren Ko brings mathematical precision to her baking, using elaborate intertwined patterns to form transfixing patterns to the top of her homemade pies and tarts. The Seattle-based amateur baker has been piecrafting for just a couple of years...

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  • malware_market

    The Hollowing Middle of the Surveillance Malware Market

    Spare a moment to consider the FinFishers and Hacking Teams of the world, the forebears of a multi-million dollar market for government spyware. While their founders relished in their personas as spies-for-hire, behind the scenes they have always been startups running on thin margins with stiff competition. Increased costs, export regulations, security improvements, and the perils of belligerent clients will make their position increasingly untenable...