Weekend storm brings damage to Oak Ridge

A strong storm moved through East Tennessee Sunday, leaving a trail of damage across Oak Ridge in particular. According to the City of Oak Ridge, there were several areas with power outages due to downed power lines and fallen trees. Officials also said emergency crews responded to a number of storm damage calls, including a building on Warehouse Road where a roof was partially blown off and multiple trees falling on buildings, homes, and across roads...


Southern US to be in the crosshairs of a dangerous severe weather, tornado outbreak

There is significant risk to lives and property this weekend associated with a severe weather outbreak that includes the potential for multiple strong tornadoes in the Southern states. All facets of severe weather are anticipated this weekend, ranging from damaging wind gusts and large hail to frequent lightning strikes, flash flooding and tornadoes. ...


Significant severe weather, tornado outbreak to aim for southern US this weekend

A significant outbreak of severe weather, including tornadoes, is likely for part of the South Central and Southeastern states this Palm Sunday weekend. People are encouraged to closely monitor the weather this weekend in the South as the forecast for severe storms poses a significant risk to lives and property...


Tornado tours draw thrill-seekers from around the world

While tornadoes are the stuff of nightmares and most would run at the sight of twisters, there are people who race right toward them -- all in the name of a heart-thumping thrill and to see Mother Nature spawn awe-inspiring storm clouds. These days, it's not just storm chasers seeking these adventures. There are tour groups that allow people from all walks of life to get an adrenaline rush and capture a picture-perfect selfie with a twister in the background.....



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