Shop tax-free in Tennessee on many items the last weekend of July

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Shoppers, mark your calendars for the final weekend of July! That's Tennessee's annual sales tax holiday for back to school shopping!

The 2019 tax-free holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. July 26 and ends just before midnight on Sunday, July 28.

During that time, retailers will not collect sales tax on most clothing (items less than $100), school supplies (items less that $100), and computers that cost less that $1,500 dollars.

The savings applies in both stores and to online shopping.

Even though the holiday was created to give parents a little break as they buy new clothes and supplies before school starts, everyone can take part! Anyone who wants to shop in Tennessee during the last weekend of July will be eligible to save on sales tax.

For more details and a list of eligible items, click here.