Press Release

Use the GPS Trolley Locator to navigate around Gatlinburg

GATLINBURG, Tenn.— Patrons of the Gatlinburg Trolley System can use the GPS Locator to help navigate their trips while utilizing the City’s mass transit system.

“This service provides riders with an easy way to navigate our Trolley system and gives them information at their fingertips to help them plan their trips on the Gatlinburg Trolley,” said Gatlinburg Mass Transit Manager Nick White.

The GPS Locator can assist riders to navigate via the Trolley System, which provides service in and around the Gatlinburg area. Gatlinburg Trolleys service the Welcome Center along the Spur, the Parkway, River Road and areas along Airport Road, Cherokee Orchard Road and East Parkway. The Trolley System allows riders to ride fare free to get to their destination in Gatlinburg.

The GPS Locator will allow those planning their Trips on the Trolley to view the current locations of all Trolleys in service, in addition to when Trolley’s will be at their location. The locator map also allows users to view every Trolley stop throughout the City.

The GPS Locator is hosted on a friendly web-based platform that is easy to use on all mobile and desktop devices. Users can access the GPS Locator by visiting, as well as the Visit Gatlinburg mobile app, which is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.