'Risk factor' violations found at Knox County fast food restaurant

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - When health inspectors visit restaurants, they work from a report with 53 items to be checked off. A number of them are referred to as "risk factors," for example, proper food temperatures, how well the food is protected, and the cleanliness of the kitchen and surroundings. Several of these violations were found at a Knox County fast food restaurant.

  • McDonald's. 327 Lovell Road - Original Grade: 78, New Grade: 93

A score below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department.

Cut lettuce about to be served was at 50 degrees, which is too warm. Forty-one and below is the correct cool temperature to slow bacteria growth.

The inspector watched the cook forget to wash his hands between tasks.

When employees were asked about illness symptoms, which they're supposed to know about, they couldn't provide any answers, according to the report. The inspector did on-the-spot training.

Also, at the self-service area, insects were seen flying around. The manager was asked to call the pest control company.

The restaurant has been checked a second time and the original grade of 78 was upgraded to a 93.

More online: Read this week's full inspection reports [PDF]

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