Governor signs Tennessee law letting parents, educators make final 4th-grade retention decisions

The Tennessee law also requires more tutoring for public school students who advance to the fifth grade but didn’t test as proficient readers or show adequate growth by the end of fourth grade toward goals that are individualized for each student...


Summer Means Road Trips and Increased Bear Activity

. “Bear management experience has shown that bears attracted to human food sources, or that are deliberately fed by humans, have a relatively short life.”..


TDCI, TEMA Remind Tennesseans that Flood Insurance Can Help Prevent a Financial Catastrophe

The latest disaster to impact Tennessee is a reminder that our state is no stranger to flooding. This month also marks the fourteenth anniversary of the historic floods that struck Tennessee, causing more than $2 billion in damages and claiming over 20 lives...


Teachers can challenge Tennessee law limiting instruction on race, gender, and bias, judge rules

Tennessee teachers can move forward with their lawsuit challenging a 3-year-old state law restricting what they can teach about race, gender, and bias...

Gov Lee

Gov. Lee Signs Smart Heart Act Into Law

The Smart Heart Act requires each public and nonpublic school serving grades nine through twelve to maintain an automated external defibrillator (AED) that is accessible during the school day and during all school athletic activities...


Number of confirmed COVID–19 cases in US counties



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